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Citizen's training

German leaflet for citizens

The one hour training "Introduction to Risk Reduction" (IRR) for citizens aims to raise awareness on how to prepare one’s family for risks and contribute to citizens’ self-protection.

The Introduction to Risk Reduction is an one hour interactive activity with the aim to raise awareness for disaster preparedness amongst the population and to provide participants’ with an incentive to improve their self-protection and preparedness in their households. It consists of getting acquainted with the themes of disaster using photos, comparing the participants’ impressions with known definitions of disaster as well as   tackling some of the basic issues of preparedness along six questions, such as: Are you aware of the risks in your community? or Do you have a self-protection plan for you and your family?

Within the project trainers have run approximately 30 IRRs.

The IRR includes several aspects:

  • Participants are encouraged to explore the field of risks and disasters
  • they build a very personal emergency plan based on their own situation and their own vulnerability as well as on their capacities
  • They experiment the concept of a  disaster kit in order to build themselves a kit responding to their needs in case of an emergency or disaster.
  • At the end of this awareness program they can decide to undertake an action to reduce the risks and consequences of disasters.

Materials for citizens

Disaster kit

Following material is available for participating citizens:




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