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Instructor's Training

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Two instructors from each partner country were trained during a two-days training in January 2014 in Bulgaria; the training was carried out in English and run by four master trainers from the French Red Cross. This training enabled instructors to train trainers to run the Introduction to Risk Reduction for citizens in their own countries. Instructors were mostly experienced volunteers and trainers from the Austrian, Bulgarian, Latvian and Romanian Red Cross as well as project partners from these organisations.

The training for instructors included: all elements of the citizens’ training, training methods and background information on relevant topics. Participants showed great interest in the Introduction to Risk Reduction and most of them went on to offer the trainer’s training in their country. While some of the trained instructors mentioned that a training in English was challenging, they appreciated the exchange of experience with peers from other European countries.


Interested in implementing the full train-the-trainer cascade in your country? Contact our country representatives:

Overall: Charlotte Strümpel

Austria: Markus Glanzer

Bulgaria: Peter Yovkov

France: Hripsimé Torossian

Romania: Daniel Modoaca

Latvia: Agnese Trofimova

The A&R Instructors

In the following section we present some of our instructors. They participated in the joint training event in Sofia February 2014 and are now able to apply the train the trainer methodology in their home coutnries. Since Sofia they trained additional trainers to conduct the one hour "Introduction to risk reduction" at the different community based exercises.

Alma Jaunmuktāne (Latvian RC)

Testimonial: „Thank you for the remarkable experience being part of instructors training. It was one of the most enjoyable training days I`ve attended due to its encouraging approach and tips. I can highly recommend it for others.”

Aija Strazda (Latvian RC)

Testimonial: „I would like to express my sincere gratitude to project „Aware & Resilient” team and French Red Cross facilitators for giving me this opportunity to be part of this training of instructors. It was very useful and different kind of training experience. I learned a lot more than I expected and the training truly exceeded my expectations. It was amazing!”


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