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Training: The idea

Previous work carried out by the French Red Cross and Partners has shown the importance and relevance of awareness raising in how to prepare oneself and one’s family for risks,  for example the project ‘Citizens’ Self-protection’ 2004 to 2007 and ‘Self –protection with children’ 2009 to 2011: ( and ) .  Based on the findings from these two proejcts , the French Red Cross has developed Introduction to Risk Reduction and ‘Previc’. They are  one hour trainings for citizens’ awareness about preparedness to face disastrous emregencies and prevention of daily accidents.

In order to be able to offer these trainings nationwide, the French Red Cross has developed a system of training for instructors who, in turn, train trainers to deliver the training to citizens.

Within the Aware and Resilient project, the Introduction to Risk Reduction was translated to Bulgarian, German, Latvian, Russian and Romanian and adapted to the situation in the individual countries.  Also, a transnational instructors training was run by French Red Cross master trainers for participants from Red Cross Societies in Austria, Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania. These trained instructors in turn conducted trainings in their countries to enable participants to run the Introduction to Risk Reduction in their countries.

The trainer’s handbook (see Trainers) and the leaflet “Self-protection for me and my family” (see Citizens) are available in  Bulgarian, English, French, German Latvian Russian and Romanian . Also, the instructor’s handbook on how to conduct a trainers’ training is available in these languages (see Instructors).


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